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These suppliers are those I've found for SPECIFIC High Speed parts. Visit the links page for general parts (ie bulbs, balls, cleaners etc)

Rubber Rings:

You can find a list of all rubber rings in High Speed here. I recommend buying a complete set from the usual suspects, but if you desire single rings, or have some other reason, click the link.


Everyone should own a legitimate, printed copy of their games manual. The games all came with a manual, and I think it's BS when you buy a game and it doesn't have a manual. Having said this, there are electronic sources for manuals, preferably to be used only while you wait on your printed manual to come from the usual suspects. Give them the business when you need a manual, it's only because of them that a lot of pinball parts are still available.

To read the electronic "manuals", you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download it by clicking on the icon below:

The best sources for PDF manuals include:

Mike Purcell's Manual FTP Site

The Internet Pinball Database

Stormaster Manual Download


I don't know of any places stocking most High Speed plastics set at the moment. You can get a set of the commonly breakable plastics from Action Pinball

You should always try to buy original plastics, either NOS or good used. When you can't find them, you need to make your own.

I recommend getting scans from, and creating reproduction plastics using Roc Agrawal's method. While you're there, get some of his plastic fender washers to protect those valuable plastics.

Side Art:

ArcadeGrafix makes repro side art for High Speed. The jury is still out on this, it might be OK, but the cabinets were of course originally painted. I may try this at some point. Only time will tell. The price as of 5.20.2002 is $100/set. This is ONLY the side art, no head decals or front cabinet decals yet.


High Speed originally came with a backglass. Most are flaked at this point. There are some NOS replacements out there, prices are usually around $250.00. ArcadeGrafix has a translite which might be OK. Nobody I know has tried one yet. I might, at $80/apiece (as of 5.20.2002) with a return guarantee, it might be better than $250 for a NOS glass that can break or flake again.

Playfield Overlay:

ArcadeGrafix makes a mylar playfield overlay for High Speed. It sells for $152.00 currently (but can be had cheaper on eBay).They're still fixing a few "bugs" in it (incorrect fonts etc), but it'll be better than a very worn playfield in my opinion. NOS High Speed playfields are few and far between - it took 18+ months to acquire mine.


Spinner Decals are available from Ray Johnson at Action Pinball. These are Alan Meyer repros, and anyone who works with pinballs has heard of Alan's work. Truly the best!

Beacon Motors:

These are difficult to find. Wms P/N is 14-7939. The motor is 24 volt, 100 RPM. It was produced by Bowman Electronics, which is now part of HMI. HMI will sell the motor to you, but you may have to place a minimum order of $100.00. Try Pinball Resource first, and then move on to HMI. Perhaps you can get a bunch of others to go in with you to make the minimum. HMI will want the *bowman* part number off the motor casing, not the Wms Part number. I will try to update this page with the Bowman p/n the next time I have the motor out of my High Speed

Beacon Bulbs:.

High Speed uses a 24 volt #1683 bulb. This is not a very common bulb. Some airplane parts stores stock 24 volt bulbs, that might be worth a try. If you can't find one there, contact Pinball Resource.

Anything Else:

Check the Mr Pinball Parts For Sale Database, and if no luck, make a post to the Mr. Pinball Parts Wanted List and the newsgroup. If you've got deep pockets, check out eBay.


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